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Black Owned Social Justice Cannabis
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Color in Cannabis

Sometimes making a difference is as simple as realizing the power of your dollar and making a choice. 💪🏿💪🏾💪🏽💪🏼💪🏻 We’ve got a sweet sampling of

Central Coast Cannabis Cares
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Central Coast Cannabis Cares

Life has been turned upside down lately. But the Central Coast cannabis community wants to remind you of some of the things in life that haven’t been cancelled, including caring for each other and our community.

Box of Cannabis Products From The Farmacy
cannabis delivery

Cannabis Delivery in Santa Barbara

Why is it that simple things can seem complicated sometimes? That’s how getting cannabis delivered felt—something that should be simple….but something I still had a

Photo of Jeff Levy
Budtender Spotlight

Budtender Spotlight: Jeff Levy

We are pleased to introduce you to Jeff Levy, budtender extraordinaire at Canopy Club, one of Santa Barbara’s finest medical dispensaries on Milpas Street. You

Cloud Hamilton Budtender Spotlight
Budtender Spotlight

Budtender Spotlight: Cloud Hamilton

Meet Cloud Hamilton, a senior Bud tender at one of our favorite Ojai dispensaries, Sespe Creek Collective.   1. What did you do before you

Budtender Spotlight

Budtender Spotlight: Jayce Bedal

This is the first of what we hope to be a regular feature on SBVerde, budtender spotlights. It can be hard to choose a dispensary.

HighTide Santa Barbara on the corner of Anacapa and Gutierrez

Meet Wil Glass of HighTide

It’s so hard to describe HighTide Santa Barbara in a nutshell-it’s one part glass blowing studio, one part art gallery, and one part CBD/smoke shop.

CBD in Santa Barbara
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Talking CBD in Santa Barbara

CBD is everywhere, including Santa Barbara They’re infusing it in cocktails in Los Angeles. Putting it in dog treats right here in Santa Barbara. It’s