Budtender Spotlight: Cloud Hamilton

Cloud Hamilton Budtender Spotlight

Meet Cloud Hamilton, a senior Bud tender at one of our favorite Ojai dispensaries, Sespe Creek Collective.


1. What did you do before you became a bud tender?

I was a Para educator and sub teacher for Ventura county office of education. I mostly worked with students with Autism. I really loved it! 


2. How did you find your way into bud tending?

I actually had an art show in 2017 at this studio in Ventura called the Girls Girl Club. I was coloring and chatting with the people who came to my show, I was talking about how I saw sespe was hiring. That’s when the president of the club Kimmy Dunn told me “you should apply!!! I work there!!” I originally applied thinking it would be a part time dream job and they called me and said it was a full time position I had to take the position! I am forever grateful for that serendipitous interaction I’ve been here ever since! 


3. What was your first experience at a dispensary like as a consumer?

The first time I went to a dispensary I was incredibly nervous, I felt rushed and it felt like I had been through a whirlwind! I was really excited, but it felt like I had gotten away with something. That feeling went away as I got more comfortable in dispensaries and with cannabis in general. 


4.What tips do you have for new cannabis consumers?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions but be sure to do  *some* research on your own too! It really helps Budtender a narrow down what you need if you have a small foundation of knowledge to build off of. 


5.What is the favorite part of your job?

Helping people is what I love the most about being a Budtender. I get to help individuals everyday in so many capacities it ranges so much! From someone wanting relief from anxiety, a mom wanting to de-stress, someone dealing with a chronic illness or cancer, or even just recreational users who now have safe clean access to cannabis! Being helpful and knowledgeable about cannabis and helping to destigmatize this sacred plant is what makes my job so amazing!!


6. What are some of your favorite products?

I’m a huge fan of Chill Chocolate bars, I love Willies Reserve Pre rolls, Humble Flower co Topical balm, Foria personal lubricant and suppositories just to make a few! 


7. Any strains you particularly enjoy?

Blue dream is one of my go to strains as well as Pancakes!! I usually go for hybrids but I pretty much love all flower.


8. What’s something you can use cannabis for that many people don’t realize?

I’ve been using CBD Manuka Honey(kikoko) to make a face mask and it helps calm redness, irritation and the anti bacterial properties help with acne! 


9. What do you like to do for fun?

In my free time I love to hula hoop and paint! There’s an amazing Flow Arts community in Ventura and Santa Barbra county! 


10. What’s your motto or a saying you like?

We started a saying at my work “I am a lighthouse” it means we are emanating light from our hearts and we touch people with this light everyday! 


11. If you rubbed a lamp and a genie popped out, what would be three things you’d wish for?

I would wish to end corporatism/ capitalism. I would wish that every person on this earth could live a happy prosperous life. for my last wish I would wish for the genie to go free of course! :p

Cloud Hamilton stands proudly next to Sespe Creek apparel for which she created the artwork.
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