Budtender Spotlight: Jeff Levy

Photo of Jeff Levy

We are pleased to introduce you to Jeff Levy, budtender extraordinaire at Canopy Club, one of Santa Barbara’s finest medical dispensaries on Milpas Street.

You need a medical marijuana card to shop at Canopy, but it’s well worth it for the service and selection the offer.


1. What did you do before you became a bud tender?

I worked many odd jobs before becoming a budtender such as: florist, caregiver for the VA, caregiving for the developmentally disabled, Uber driver, Dishwasher at a fancy Italian restaurant, etc.


2. How did you find your way into bud tending?

I found my way into budtending a rather strange way. I was about to leave town to travel to Berkeley and Santa Cruz to live there for a few months or longer to work on my music when my friend Erick got me a temporary job at Green Cuisine. I worked for Green Cuisine for 2 years until we merged with the Canopy, and I started budtending there, befriending the new management and staff, and consciously learning the products and the customers slowly.


3. What was your first experience at a dispensary like as a consumer?

My first experience as a consumer was in 2006. I first started going to Helping Hands, Hordipharm, Greenlight, and those other classic and amazing collectives in the mid 2000’s. It was an exciting and emerging energy, and it helped to bolster my creativity with music and treat my anxiety and my friends’ anxieties about life.


4.What tips do you have for new cannabis consumers?

My tips to consumers are to stay informed. Research the companies you are buying from, research anything you can, ask questions, be heard, and try and listen to your body and still your mind to find the right tempo and pace when working with the sacred herbs and medicines. Also nutrition and lifestyle is just as, if not more important, because it serves to create a canvas from which to utilize the super foods and medicinal herbs. A clean or blank canvas will reveal the most vibrant picture.


5.What is the favorite part of your job?

My favorite part of the job is seeing our regular patients, or informing new members . I also enjoy breaking the stigmas against herb as well as just making people smile and laugh because it can’t all be so serious!

6. What are some of your favorite products?

My favorite products right now are the Cannariginals Black Emu infused rub, Pax Pods, THC Design and Connected indoor flower, and all the new 1:1 patches coming out!

7. Any strains you particularly enjoy?

I love classic strains like Green Crack, Jack Herer, Gelato 41, Grand Daddy Purple, as well as newer phenotypes like Gelonade, Sherbacio, Forbidden Gushers, Crescendo, Banjo, and Melonade.

8. What’s something you can use cannabis for that many people don’t realize?

Something you can use cannabis for that many don’t realize is just simply as an energetic presence of pure positive and tranquil energy. Just using a little CBD balm, or having some beautiful indoor buds in a nice glass jar, one can just sit in serenity and be in the presence of such a healing herb. It leads to a much greater reverence to nature and all of its healing potentials.


Jeff Levy Canopy Club9. What do you like to do for fun?

For fun I enjoy listening to music, spending time with my family and my girlfriend, attempting to play music with people (harder than it sounds in Santa Barbara), and I also enjoy trail running, basketball, and brewing hot yerba mate throughout the day and night 😉


10. What’s your motto or a saying you like?

My motto would be “If happiness is far away, it will surely show up someday,” meaning that you have to focus on the light at the end of the tunnel, while not having tunnel vision and getting depressed. Life is hard but don’t make it harder than it has to be, and keep pushing till the very end!


11. You’ve recently been through a rough time and still managed to stay positive. Can you comment on what you’ve been through and how you managed to stay positive through a difficult time?

My Grandmother raised me and helped my Mom who has had MS since I was born. The only time people with MS have remission is when they are pregnant, so I was always my Mom’s miracle. My grandmother is 100 years old, and now my mother is blind as well as disabled but they are still breathing and here on this planet, so I will always feel a strong loyalty to help them in everyway I can. So I don’t look at hard times as a curse, but more as a challenge and test of our will. When the gong sounds, when the bell rings, you have to get up bright and early and be strong and fight for your family’s survival and spread love and positivity while you are alive. That’s the best way to live.


12. If you rubbed a lamp and a genie popped out, what would be three things you’d wish for?

If I had a magic genie with 3 wishes…hmm..they would be… To end poverty for mankind. To work towards eradicating the destruction and pollution of the environment and its inhabitants. And finally it would be to go on a world tour with Bob Marley and the Wailers in a time machine of course!!

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Photo of Jeff Levy

Budtender Spotlight: Jeff Levy

We are pleased to introduce you to Jeff Levy, budtender extraordinaire at Canopy Club, one of Santa Barbara’s finest medical dispensaries on Milpas Street. You

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