CBD vs. CBDA: What’s the Difference?

CBD vs. CBDA: What's the Difference?

You’ve likely heard of CBD…it’s everywhere right now! And you probably know not all CBD products are created the same. Something new on the horizon that very few people are talking about is CBDA, the raw precursor to CBD.

CBDA is quickly gaining attention for its healing properties, so we sat down with, Justin Benton, owner of one of our favorite local, family-owned CBD shops, 101 CBD. They are pioneering the use of raw, organic CBDA in their products. Justin helped answer our questions about what CBDA is and how it differs from CBD.

1) What is CBDA?

CBDA is the acidic precursor to CBD – it’s the raw form of CBD, like going and biting a fresh plant. This form made sense to me. I found that using a holistic, raw CBDA with organic ingredients in a carrier oil of cold-pressed hemp was the best answer to help my son with his autism.

Extraction of CBDA needs to remain under 105 degrees to keep the CBD in the raw CBDA form.

2) Is CBDA a well kept secret?

A very small percentage of the CBD industry knows about the unique benefits of raw CBDA or uses it in their products.

3) What’s the deal with heating CBD?

Typically, cannabinoids like CBD and THC are extracted under high heat which decarboxylates or turns THCA to THC and CBDA into CBD. Heat is needed to give you the desired high or psychoactive effects of THC. But, CBD does NOT need to be heated to work and actually loses benefits when extracted with heat and changed from CBDA to CBD.


CBD does NOT need to be heated to work and actually loses benefits when extracted with heat and changed from CBDA to CBD.

Justin Benton, 101 CBD

4) How many cannabinoids typically end up in CBD products?

There are over 113 cannabinoids in the raw hemp plant, but when extracted with heat and processed further with distillation, etc, many products end up as isolates with only one cannabinoid, CBD. Most full spectrum or broad spectrum products have just a few of the cannabinoids and have no legal or agreed upon definition.
101 CBD is a true whole plant spectrum with all the cannabinoids, terpenes, omega 3s and 6s, minerals, etc, in the balanced proportions created by the plant.

5) What are some unexpected placed you can find raw CBDA?

Raw CBDA is in broccoli, kale, and even breast milk where it assists immune development. Babies develop their endocannabinoid system (ECS) of receptors for CBD at 16 weeks gestation, showing how important cannabinoids like CBD are to our bodies.

Raw CBDA is in broccoli, kale, and even breast milk where it assists immune development.

Justin Benton, 101 CBD
Justin Benton walks with his famliy. Their CBD journey began when they started researching ways to treat their child's autism.

6) Are hemp and marijuana plants the same thing?

Hemp and marijuana are related cannabis plants. Legally, hemp and its products have to have less than .3 % THC. Marijuana plants typically have high levels of THC, up to 40%.

7) Can someone fail a drug test by taking CBD?

101 CBD has never had anyone fail a drug test on their products as third-party testing verifies the low level of THC and non-psychoactive THCA. No one is looking for THCA in the tests or CBD.

8) What’s a typical CBDA dose? Where should someone start?

A good starting serving size for an adult is between 5mg to 10mg with adjustments as needed by each individual. The serving size for raw CBDA can be lower because it is very powerful.

9) Can you explain a bit about CBD and THC receptors in our body and how CBDA is different?

Our bodies have a system of receptors for CBD and THC (ECS) unlike any other plant. The raw CBDA goes beyond this to all receptors like serotonin and dopamine, to make it more useful and powerful.

The Final Word

There is much more to be discovered about the cannabis plant. CBDA is high on the list of cannabinoids that are being explored for the ways they can help heal people and bring them back into balance.

101 CBD is a locally, family-owned Central Coast business that makes tinctures, topicals, hand sanitizer, and CBD for pets using ingredients that are raw, organic, and tested by a 3rd party. They offer delivery and shipping, as well as two storefront locations in Ventura and Ojai to serve you.

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