Self Guided Santa Barbara and Ojai

Cannabis Walking Tours

What are Free Self-Guided Cannabis Walking Tours?

We’re glad you asked! Self-Guided Cannabis Walking Tours are guides to fun experiences you can engage in by foot around town in Santa Barbara and Ojai. The number of stops on each tour vary and they have different themes. Self-guided cannabis walking tours are fun adventures to have around town—they don’t include stops to consume cannabis. Get yourself in a happy, relaxed, Friday-afternoon kind of state and then give it a spin.

For help getting elevated before your adventure, check out our first time guide.

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Walking Tour 1: Art, Cannabis, and Cats

The Art, Cannabis, and Cats Self-Guided Cannabis Walking Tour is a guided creative adventure that centers around three stops in Downtown Santa Barbara.

Block out your schedule, power your phone down, and immerse yourself in an experience you won’t soon forget.

This tour’s last stop is one of the most interesting and fun businesses we have in Santa Barbara right now… Cat Therapy. You literally get to hang out and pet cats. Fur real.

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This tour is great for:

  • Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday between 11AM-7PM
  • Solo or groups

Don’t forget:

  • Your adult coloring books!

Tour Duration:

  • 4-6 hours

Walking Tour 2: Andy's Toke N' Taco Tour

Once upon a time there was a guy named Andy who lived for tacos… he subsisted almost entirely on tacos.

When he cried, his tears tasted like hot sauce. When he slept, he dreamt of eating tacos. And when he ate… he ate tacos. Even if he had already eaten tacos for his last meal. Guess what? Andy lives in Santa Barbara!

Andy’s Toke N’ Taco Tour is a taco lovers dream come true. Not only will you stop at some of the most authentic (and underground) taco places in Santa Barbara, you will learn a few fun facts along the way.

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Self-Guided Cannabis Walking Tours of Santa Barbara

This tour is great for:

  • Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday between 11AM-8PM
  • Solo or groups

Don’t forget:

  • Your appetite!
  • Some pocket cash

Tour Duration:

  • 2 – 4 hours

The Magical Medicinal Ojai Tour

The Magical Medicinal Ojai Walking Tour gives you a colorful sampling of quintessential Ojai: A boutique cannabis dispensary, foodie-worthy eateries with wine and beer, a little spa experience a metaphysical shop, world-famous Bart’s Books and for “brownie points”, a hip bar.

You will be dripping in Ojai-ness when you are all done with this tour 🙂

So don’t be shy—the Magical Medicinal Ojai Walking Tour is waiting to take you away! Ready to experience Ojai? Get started by entering your information above.

This tour is great for:

  • Liesurly day trippers
  • Anytime after 11AM to accommodate business opening times
  • Solo or groups

Don’t forget:

  • Your sense of exploration

Tour Duration:

  • 4 -6 hours


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